Accounting services

• Processing and sorting of primary accountancy documents;

• Control for conformity of the primary accountancy documents with the relevant tax and accountancy legal framework;

• Drafting secondary accountancy documents;

• Processing of primary and secondary documents in compliance both with the legislative provisions and the internal company policies and needs of information;

• Setting and managing databases for accounting and control of long-term tangible and intangible assets. Preparation and drafting of amortization plans and inventory lists and internal documents;

• Calculation of the due taxes and processing of all payment documents to the budget;

• Preparation of registers and declarations under the Value Added Tax Act, INTRASTAT declarations, as well as any other check-ups and declarations required by the National Revenue Agency;

• Preparation of check-ups and processing of information for the needs of the Bulgarian National Bank, National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute and other state authorities, as well as in execution of internal company policies or for the needs of a managing team;

• Complete operative processing and settlement of accounts;

• Annual financial settlement;

• Preparation and filing of Annual Financial Reports within the Commercial Register and Annual Statistical Forms within the National Statistical Institute;

• Preparation and filing of Annual Tax Declarations in compliance with the Income Taxes on Natural Persons Act (ITNPA) and Corporate Income Tax Act (CITA);

• Labor and wages. Personnel.

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