Business services

Business plan preparation

If you need a statement and definition of your business goals, how can you achieve those goals, what is the market situation etc. We can elaborate a business plan for your starting company or new initiative by collecting and summarizing needed information in a proper manner and format.

Business analysis

In order to be successful when you start a new initiative, campaign, project there is a lot to be considered and worked out. We can support you by elaborating for you business analysis using proven and best practice methodologies like SWOT, MOST, PESTLE, CATWOE, etc. Let’s sit together and discuss which one will fit best for your situation.

Business research

If you need information related to your core business and operational field we can propose you different methods and tailored approaches in order to collect the right information and create a successful strategy for further development and growth.

Business strategy

Institutional strategic management is the process of depicting, evaluating and implementing a cross-functional decisions that will give your organization the opportunity to define a long-term targets and to enable achievement of those targets. We can support you in the process of strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategy evaluation.

Business processes

Business processes become more and more important for every organisation as this is the place, where organisation’s effectiveness and competitivness can be observed. There are different tools and methodologies to re-engineer and optimize your work-flow chain. Stress tests can be done, scenarios can be played in order your organisation to find bottlenecks and places for operations improvement.

Market entry strategy

You would like to enter the Bulgarian market – we can support you in the area with market analysis, existing hurdles and competitors, channels and approaches, partners research, credit rating verification, etc.

Human Resources

Working closely with our partners which have a long track record of successful projects and HR initiatives, we can support you in the process of defining your human resources policy, organize trainings in order to improve you administrative and operational capacity, make performance views, etc.

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